We step into Cartografia, the city of what-if Here, Queen Imagination rules with a lavish sceptre, Granting subjects every wish, all their whims. Castle spires reach high, poking their crowns into quasars collecting frost on their awnings. The streets are littered with discarded daydreams. Songs that were sung for one summer alone? Well, they hang… Continue reading Cartografia

Hall of Fame

~Vision~ Board \=+=\ Companies that inspire me: SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Google, Local Roots, Boston Scientific, MedTronic, GE, GSK, Planetary Resources, St. Jude Medical, Kernel, XPrize, Lucid Dreamer (r.i.p.) *What about these Companies Inspires? They’re working on projects so big, they will inevitably change the world. Even if they fail. That’s how important these problems are.… Continue reading Hall of Fame