Overheard you Say

I’ve made a new religion and it’s
called self-respect
We are gods and flies, alike
caught in a foodweb built for
minds that don’t seem to mind
The trauma
of red teeth, red claws.

Waking up with pulp fiction stuck
to our cheeks
Hair oily, uncombed
the church of gut
bells knock on your eardrums
Sieging the kingdom
of your mind.

Beauty in an oil spill
filtered through the chanting
Of our angels,
catching lemons as they fall
bruised save for your cheekbones
Awakened by the warehouse fire
something that could have eaten any one of us.

Unjust blaze,
forcing the hand of my cohort
These hands are homes to roughness
maintenance an afterthought
to liberties taken
Like trains
from one city to another.

Hopping out, hoping
i can be whoever I need to
chicago calls me sometimes
The wind chill and brick
smells crawling down the alleys of big shoulders.

Veins brush against your face
eyelashes tickled
By the past lovers of your
paying forward disease
Courier to doorstep
bow-wrapped virus.

Lingering on the
With a handrolled burning through
the day
nothing will hold her back
Except that heavy pile
of fears.

Borders close in
psychic paramilitary
Return to the brick
to the warehouse
where are the stories
Of my prince?
who here has what it takes to sweep me off my feet?

Two sugar cubes bob
for one hot minute
In a cup so black
it takes you back
to those cold nights when all
You had were
frustrations and the creaking of the floorboards

and the clanking of the radiator.

Sunshine pouring awkwardly through
your makeshift
Blooming wicked grins
as machines march forth
without me
Do you overhear
while you sit looking busy?
In your pretty office dress
Slick watch
Meaningless vehicle
Promotions on hooks bleeding fresh
Salivating at the
of where and when you’ll
update next
found you here

Mistaken for an actor
not a particularly famous one,
but one this young girl
really likes
You pose for a picture
Get a kick out of the moment

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